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We tell a story, create an idea that will excite, a design that will inspire, a video that will engage in real-life or interactive learning, and now we deliver video that will literally ‘elevate’ the project, to a whole new level.

‘One of the most exciting developments in photography in the last couple of years is the drone’

Using drones for aerial photography enables you to capture unique viewpoints from a first-person view that would normally be impossible to achieve. Thanks to recent advances in drone technology, you no longer need to rent a helicopter or purchase stock footage to capture a specific shot 400ft off the ground.

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Drones are packed full of technology - GPS, vision sensors, compasses, camera-leveling gimbals, and so much more. They’re flying computers, and their abilities to record amazing 4K video or capture HDR photography is enough to rival even the latest consumer cameras and smartphones.

Of course, thanks to the ever evolving technology surrounding the consumer drone industry, their demand, and overall volume of product available means high quality professional standard drones are now more affordable than ever.

That being said, shooting a high quality aerial film isn’t as simple as hitting the record button, sending your drone up and flying around for a few minutes. A lot of practice, planning and time is required to put together a professional aerial video.

As, we say at Autonomy, ‘it’s all about working with the right people’. Our skilled drone specialists are not only CAA licensed, insured, and professional. They have the unique ability to transform your footage from being just OK to amazing.

The Benefits of Using a Drone in Different Scenarios

Establishing shots

Elevating a Drone 400ft in the air gives you a pretty good view. If you are planning on establishing the geography of your business (maybe an automotive factory or it’s headquarters). High altitude aerial establishing shots are a given or any project. They are scene setters, helping to provide scope and the all important ‘wow' factor. 

Low Altitude Action shots

It’s easy to think of a drone as only being proficient in capturing high aerial shots, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Stabilisation technology, camera gimbals and GPS tracking allow you to get closer to the action than ever before. Sure there are more obstacles lower to the ground, but if you are using the right drone it will have built in sensors to detect and avoid potential impact areas, allowing you to create immersive low level flyovers, whether over water or around the edge of a race track.


Flying Inside

Ok, so we know we can fly low level outside, but how about inside? No problem of course keeping safety in mind is always a number one priority. Smaller Drones are perfect for an inside tour, or how about a flyover inside a car dealership, or a tour around a factory and its warehouse?

Going Handheld

Remember when we said these Drone have cameras on gimbals? Well that’s great, we can just hold the Drone in our own hands to get great stabilised shots for product walkarounds, manufacturing procedures, and even walkthrough’s to create first person view footage that looks like it was shot on a Steadicam!


Autonomous flight paths not only allow you to make sure your Drone follows a specific path set by the operator. It also means that you can send your drone down that very same path, over and over again. For example, you could send your Drone over a construction site to capture the same flight path 4 different times to create a time-lapse that starts from sunrise to sunset.

Video or Photo?

Don’t need video? How about high resolution photography instead? As we mentioned earlier, drones don't only just film in glorious 4K video, they can also simultaneously capture RAW format photography when they are airborne as well.

‘Embracing new technology is absolutely imperative in an industry that’s constantly changing’

Autonomy Drone Reel 2019

Adding drone photography to our list of services not only give us the opportunity to explore a new area of video production, but it also helps us to be a lot more revelatory in our approach to implementing it in our solutions in an interactive and immersive way that can offer the client something new, from a fresh and different perspective.

If you like to know more or talk to us about using Aerial Photography in your next project, get in touch below.

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Eye-catching Stats!

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