The Modern Learner

Published a couple of years ago, Bersin by Deloitte’s infographic, ‘Meet the Modern Learner’ provides a powerful illustration of the challenges that learning providers face today.

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A new generation of learners is emerging, many of whom have very different expectations from their predecessors.

A generation of Tech savvy millennials, has now reached their thirties and are expected to make up half of the global workforce by 2024. They are now being followed into the workplace by Generation Z, who are even more comfortable with technology.

The modern learners expectations are now set by online experiences not internal ones.  In other words, they expect learning whenever and wherever they need it, delivered on the device of their choice (which is usually a smartphone).  They have a more self-motivated and self directed approach to workplace learning.

‘Millennials and other young employees have grown up in this self-directed learning environment. They expect it as part of their working lives and careers – and they will move elsewhere if employers fail to provide it.’
— Global Human Capital Trends 2016. Deloitte University Press, 2016.

A central theme of the infographic is the modern learners short attention span. In Bersin’s words ‘Most learners won’t watch videos that are longer than 4 minutes’.


That’s why increasingly our clients are requesting micro learning, learning that can be quickly viewed, read or consumed within 10 minutes or less.

Micro learning is increasingly important, because the way we work has radically changed. We spend an inordinate amount of time looking for information at work, and we are constantly bombarded by distractions, messages, and emails.

Small ‘bite sized chunks’ of learning are more flexible than formal courses as they can be more easily absorbed into the modern working day, allowing learners to ‘snack on’ them whenever and wherever required.

And as workplace learners are used to seeking out information and learning for themselves our clients are looking to provide tools and frameworks to support them in doing so, in a way that reflects the needs of both the individual and the business.

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Micro Learning

Micro Learning

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