Micro Learning

Micro Learning

Workplace learning is adapting to meet the demands of a rapidly changing business environment and a post-millennial workforce.

An obvious example of this is the growth of ‘Micro Learning’, bite-size chunks of online information that can be easily ‘snacked on’ and ‘digested’, whenever the employee is ‘hungry for knowledge’!

This is backed up by research, where 94% of learners said they preferred modules that were less than ten minutes long; furthermore 65% complained that most traditional eLearning courses contained too much information. 

If that’s not enough - here are five good reasons for adopting micro learning:

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1.  Short bite-sized chunks of learning fit around our working day. 

     Increasingly workers haven’t time to schedule a traditional course, they         need to squeeze their learning into any gaps they may have during their       busy day. Short modules make this possible; they can be studied while         travelling to or from work, during a coffee or meal break or whenever a         spare ten minutes materialises.

2.  It’s easier to locate exactly the learning you require, when each                     module is small and tightly focussed.

     Which means that ‘Just-in-time’ learning becomes a real possibility.

3.  It mirrors how all of us are learning outside of work.

    If we need to know something, we don’t book onto a course,                            we ‘Google’ and watch a video. Increasingly we are expecting the same          experience at work, easy online access to workplace learning on demand.

4.  We find it easier to absorb the information.

     Apparently, 10-minute bursts of study separated by a break, can yield           better long-term memory retention than longer, continuous periods of         study.

5.  It works better on mobile devices.

     Tablets and smart phones are our preferred tool for accessing online             information. However, you wouldn’t  view an hour of eLearning on                 these devices, short bite-sized chunks of information, work much better!

The five reasons are very compelling from a learner’s point of view. But as a solutions provider the good news is that micro-modules are also quicker to produce and easier to maintain than larger modules!

If you would like to find out more about Micro Learning, give us a call.

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