Join us, we’re hosting an eDay!

Join us, we’re hosting an eDay!

Make learning part of ‘everyday’ - anytime, anywhere… Even in Luton!

Transformed by technology, supporting the national Youthscape charity, Bute Mills is a creative space in Luton to challenge your comfort zone, embrace change and engage with the Modern Learner.


Bute Mills


26 September 2018

Don't reinvent the wheel!

With 70:20:10 as a concept, a new lens, industry expert and renowned author Paul Matthews will highlight the changing role of Learning & Development, from ‘producing and delivering’ to ‘creating and managing environments’ in which learning is part of everyday workplace learning.

“Discover how the role of those involved with workplace learning MUST change, to successfully manage the needs of the modern learner.”
— Paul Matthews, Informal Learning

This is a great opportunity to meet your peers in the automotive and retail sectors, and a chance to hear the latest industry news and insight from Autonomy.

See first-hand how our new Knowledge Bank App enables employees to reach out to bite-size chunks of content, at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere to guarantee knowledge at the point of need.

Talking of ‘Bite Sized’ learning, a delicious array of Asian food will be served ‘informally’, to let you catch-up with your colleagues and meet the Autonomy team.

10:00   Coffee & Welcome

10:15   Introduction from Chris Chappell, Chairman

10:30   Paul Matthews: Make your Learning Initiatives Elephant Proof!

11:15   Stuart Norris: Knowledge Banks, eLearning and Production

11:45   Immerse yourself, McLaren Academy: Knowledge Bank Case Study

12:00   Q&A: Round-up

In a world where almost 100% of effort and budget is used to provide just 10% of what people learn, there is clearly a need for a rethink!

12:30   Informal lunch & breakout sessions 

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             We've teamed up with Paul Matthews...                  and his elephant(s)!

We've teamed up with Paul Matthews... and his elephant(s)!

The Modern Learner

The Modern Learner