How Knowledge Banks can support Informal Learning

How Knowledge Banks can support Informal Learning

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In previous posts we’ve written about the importance of informal learning in the workplace.

– it’s how most people learn about their job.

We’ve also discussed the requirements of today’s learner who expect workplace learning to be available whenever and wherever they require it.

And more recently we’ve written about how increasingly some workplace learning is being delivered online in short micro modules.

If you put these three things together, you would have a very powerful tool.


That’s why we’ve created Knowledge Banks.

They deliver informal learning, in small, focussed bite-sized chunks, whenever or wherever it’s required.

So what exactly is a Knowledge Bank?

Our Knowledge Banks are bespoke; they are tailored specifically to each client’s requirements.  They support employees by organising learning materials in one easily accessible place. 

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Typically they will hold videos clips, PDF files and simple eLearning modules.

These resources are grouped into subjects and can be located either through browsing or through a key word search.

So for example for an automotive client, you might search for resources within a particular model group or you could use a key word like ‘engine’ to drill down. Once you locate one resource other related items would be displayed. Or you could opt to see those items that were of most interest to your colleagues, or view those items that were rated highest by your colleagues.

You can also choose to see those resources that have most recently been added. Or those that are most pertinent to your job role. Managers can even send out email alerts when a new item is added.

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Knowledge Banks allow learners to take control.

In the process, learning has moved from a top-down provision to a bottom up approach.

These modern ‘self directed’ learners are well motivated, they understand their learning needs, and wish to take the initiative by independently locating and accessing learning resources. The Knowledge Bank makes that task a little easier.

Learners have become Consumers and Courses have become Resources.

If you would like to find out more about how we support learners through Knowledge Banks, give us a call.

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