We've teamed up with Paul Matthews...                  and his elephant(s)!

We've teamed up with Paul Matthews... and his elephant(s)!

The changing landscape of learning and development present both a challenge and an opportunity for L&D professionals.  

With this in mind, we’ve team up with Paul Matthews, an industry expert and renowned author to understand more about the fundamentals, how we can harness the power of Informal Learning in these changing times. 

We’re excited to welcome Paul as our

guest speaker at Autonomy's eDay.

Engaging the Modern Learner

Paul is a regular speaker at HR and Learning & Development events and conferences, as a speaker he makes ideas come alive with stories, making sure the audience gets practical tools and tips to take away and implement in their workplace. He is an expert in Informal Learning, Enabling Capability, Performance, Learning Transfer, Workflow Learning and Onboarding.


Paul's presentation

explores how to make your learning initiatives 'elephant proof'!

Read an example of Paul's compelling stories, with a nod to Informal Learning...

“If training is the solution, then loss of knowledge as people leave could hardly be considered a major risk.”

...The other day I was chatting with a senior learning and development person in a large multinational company. He had started reading my recent book on informal learning and was asking me for ways he could convince the senior people in his business to buy into the concept...' continue to read.

Our work with Paul together with the eDay, underpins the development that we, here at Autonomy have been building...

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The Knowledge Bank App makes learning easy.

A new way for users to consume and access content, providing knowledge at the point of need.

The App lets employees reach out to bite-sized chunks of bespoke content at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere...

Find out more at the eDay

We'll demonstrate the features and benefits of a Knowledge Bank for instructors and learners alike, as well as the components that are created, published and uploaded.

Innovative youth work, born in Luton, delivered everywhere...

Innovative youth work, born in Luton, delivered everywhere...