Making sense of the ‘Buzz’ at Learning Technologies

Making sense of the ‘Buzz’ at Learning Technologies

Our Launchpad was a great opportunity to catch-up with our customers and meet some new ones!    We showcased our Knowledge Bank App, eLearning capability as well as Video, Interactive Video and Game Based Learning.

The exhibition was hustling with lots of people, buzzwords and reoccurring themes…

  • Learning Culture 

  • Modern Workplace Learning

  • Mobile, Micro Learning & AI

  • Customer Experience & Engagement

  • Performance Management

  • Shift from Provider to Facilitator 

  • Smart, Agile, Curious, Design minded Workforce

  • Self-directed Learning 

  • Simplification, Collaborative and Personalisation 

  • Tools to improve Performance and navigate ever-changing Content  

  • Content Curation

  • Impact Measurement

But most importantly centralised around motivation to learn, allowing the self-directed learner to find content when, and wherever they need it on any device – after all, we are learning all the time!

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Cutting through the Buzz

It’s refreshing to see that we are offering products and services to help our clients create the best learning journey, underpinned by technology to support the user experience for ‘on the go’ learning.

A couple of the free seminars caught our eye – ‘Axa’ and ‘Hilti’, both drawing parallels with our thinking around creating a self-directed learning culture.

Just two years ago 80% of Axa’s 8,500 staff were supported by formal learning in the classroom via an antiquated LMS, that housed content with little strategy.  Now, impressively, with their strategy in place its a mix of 25% classroom and 75% informal learning using their Hub, with a great motto ‘Waiting time is Learning time’.   

It’s very similar to our Knowledge Bank, where L&D and employees add, collaborate and share learning materials, create assessments, store video’s and PDF’s.   Shifting to using bespoke content that reflects the business goals.   

KB Kevily.png

Hilti actually turned off their LMS!   They asked their 27,000 employees “How they wanted to learn at work” and the response was “The same as at home!”. They moved to a ‘wow’ experience, that was searchable, personalised and created a collaborative social learning environment.

Again, like Axa and other companies they moved from training via the LMS to a hub where 90% of employees regularly use and contribute, and holds upwards of 30,000 assets including video.

Video is still one of the biggest hits for learners - we've made some impressive interactive video quizzes, where we add interactions to video, creating games or branching scenarios, the learner can choose a path and have specialised outcomes.


The recent Fosway, Digital Learning Realities for 2019 highlights video as a top growth area, 74% in Digital Learning for 2019. It’s great to see the massive rise but also, that Interactive video has seen 14% growth in the last 12 months. You can do so much more than just play a clip, interactive video is one of the fastest growing areas of learning delivery.

It’s no surprise the Modern, self-directed learner has so much to sift through and consume, from internal content on the LMS to external video’s, TED talks, the further minefield of You Tube as well as Blogs and Podcasts. 

Autonomy’s Knowledge Banks App gives you the chance to be smarter and faster, curating content that is trusted and searchable. Providing users with knowledge at their fingertips, to socially engage and collaborate, making learning part of everyday through accessing bite-sized chunks of content, available anytime anywhere!

All in all, there was so much to digest, these are just the snippets!

To find out more or discuss any of our products and services contact us, for an informal chat.


 We have some exciting news...

We have some exciting news...

Meet us at Learning Technologies!

Meet us at Learning Technologies!