Fun, Engaging Learning Journeys using Interactive Video

Fun, Engaging Learning Journeys using Interactive Video

We've created two, impressive blended learning modules for Mitsubishi that include assessments, presented in small bite-sized chunks, taking the user up to 10 minutes to complete each one.

Mitsubishi wanted to try something ‘new and exciting’, breaking the mould of their traditional linear 5-point walk around video courses.  Rather than using an instructor or presenter-led approach in a dealership, they wanted to break some rules to create something that would engage their team, to fully understand the new features of the inspiring new model.

From our initial brief with Mitsubishi, we came up with the idea, design and storyboards for an immersive interactive video tour.

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It was imperative that the lifestyle of this new model was communicated, demonstrating the versatility of the car in an outdoor environment.

We wanted to show the Outlander’s true potential, capturing the learner’s attention, to gain excellent user retention and a real understanding of the key features of the car.

We wanted to put learners in the driving seat

Autonomy’s concept was to put the learner in the ‘driver’s seat’, creating a first-person view of the Outlander through user controlled interactive video.  

We grabbed our GoPro camera, and popped out of the office, to test our concept using our company car at the local country park, to make sure it worked! Filming in slow motion allowed the smooth speed up of footage to get to different points around the car quickly and easily. 

We centred on the family lifestyle, with a one take 5-point video to stop at any point to allow an exploration of each key new feature.  

Have a look at the concept video

‘Hotspot Menus‘ in Articulate Storyline

At the same time, we created identifiable points that allows the user to choose which feature to explore in more detail at their own pace.

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Mitsubishi were thrilled with our approach

We were keen to continue the theme of innovation to explore a new module assessment utilising an aerial walk around, where questions could be activated at any point by the learner.

Hotspots, Drag & Drop and Interactive Menus

The assessment element of the walk around employed a similar structure to the modules but focussed on the drone’s perspective, to create a 5-point interactive assessment. 

The user is able to move around the vehicle, controlling a 360 view and can skip between areas of the walk around using a dual-purpose breadcrumb style interactive menu, letting the user pick their own journey.   

On each section a question appears in the form of a hotspot, to reveal hidden information linking the user to a question type whether this is multiple response or multiple-choice with drag and drop options.

Hotspots can include text, imagery or even additional video or branching scenarios.

Drone Image 19.jpg

Drone Photography

One of the great features of our drone pilot Jimmy’s DJIMAVICPRO was the ability to input predetermined points around the car, for the drone to fly to.

Our drone photography has proven extremely popular, it’s an excellent way to provide a fresh perspective!

We wanted to maximise the user-experience, and personalisation, by using the first-person view but from the drone pilots perspective. With this in mind, we recreated a ‘head-up display’ (HUD) overlay to simulate what the drone operator (user) would see, as they moved around the vehicle.

Taking cues from the original concept build in Articulate Storyline, our footage was prepared in the same way to achieve the polished final build.   

A series of videos for each point of interest on the vehicle (on the ground and aerial) were carefully interlaced between menus, allowing users to access factual based content on the car and assessment questions to test their knowledge on each specific area.

We also used animated enhancements including the addition of a gyroscopic navigational icon, to show the drone position around the car, timed to move as the user navigates the drone around the car, giving an increased sense of gaming and interactivity!

Mitsubishi Outlander Final Interactive Assessment

Mitsubishi Outlander Final Interactive Assessment

Creating these two modules for the Mitsubishi Outlander Petrol was an opportunity to not only reinvigorate the idea of a static 5-point walk around, it also gave us a chance to simulate a fun and engaging learning journey to explore key new features as well as combining a variety of video techniques to acquire a unique perspective and approach to our product eLearning for Mitsubishi.

I’m thrilled with the outcome, these interactive courses have changed the learning experience for our users, creating increased engagement, with the wow-factor we’ve been looking for!
We’ll certainly be using drone photography again in our future projects with Autonomy.
— Neil Clapham, Sales Training Manager at Mitsubishi Motors

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