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With the advent of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles is it time to gear-up your technical training and development?

It definitely poses a challenge to those that create, sell and maintain these vehicles to provide complete awareness of the future benefits, reinvention, adaptions, transitional and perils that come with the investment and growth of EV in the automotive supply chain.

Deloitte estimates that the tipping point is in 2022 – when the cost of ownership of a EV is on par with its internal combustion engine counterparts, reaching 10% share of the automotive market in by 2024.

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Arguably, the introduction of EV

is the most significant change to the motor car since Karl Benz patented the first petrol powered automobile in 1886.

We have a decade of experience

Autonomy were ahead of the curve, pioneering back in 2010 whilst working with BMW on an eLearning project we learnt of their Alternative Drive Technologies pilot, where they allowed carefully selected people to trial prototype Electric Mini’s for a number of months.


Yes, would you believe it, the prototype had two seats - the rest was batteries!

This project was to aid further development before the launch of the first Electric Vehicle that would be used in the London Olympic Games and iconically, the build-up where the vehicle carried the Olympic torch introducing EV to the UK general public – what a platform to have!

Our commitment to technical training

Following our insight with Electric Vehicles, building on our wealth of experience and commitment to technical training, we worked with numerous manufacturers to gain their input, to answer the fundamental questions concerning Electric Vehicles; why we need them, the basic operating principles and important safety points. 

We actually built an EV eLearning Guide, in conjunction with our manufacturing partners and experts, you may have seen it? The elearning modules explain how Hybrids and Electrical Vehicles work, educating technicians as well as delivery drivers, breakdown crews and the emergency services on the hazards and dangers associated with these types of vehicles.


It’s amazing to see how many companies now want their own version!

Learn anytime, anywhere on any device

Tremendously, now, 10 years on we have created many electrifying bespoke learning courses, modules and resources to reflect the Modern, Self-directed Learner.  

Learning can be delivered informally, in small, focused bite-sized chunks accessible whenever or wherever it’s required.

Our learning materials may support a Technician, in the Workshop, developing a new range of skills to repair and maintain these vehicles. Or Sales executives, who will need to help customer’s to choose from a bewildering range of power sources.

Here are some examples of the eLearning Topics we have worked on:-

  • Hybrid, Electric Vehicles Introduction & Identification

  • Types of Powertrain Architectures, Principles & Technology

  • Who can work with Hybrid & Electric Vehicles?

  • Components, Fundamentals, Diagnostics & System Repairs

  • Energy Management; Batteries

  • High-voltage, Hazards & Dangers

  • Health & Safety for Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles

  • Environmental Impact, Emissions & Evaluations

  • Selling & Customers Service with Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles

Autonomy provides tools and frameworks to support learners, in a way that reflects the needs of both the individual and the business.

Find out how to connect your training and development requirements with our digital, personalised learning resources.  We deliver learning modules, video, interactive video or games, tailored to your needs and requirements.

Contact us, to arrange a meeting or informal chat.

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An Eye in the Sky! Welcome to our first Webisode featuring Drone Photography