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Autonomy Vlogs


An Eye in the Sky!

Make your project stand out with a whole new perspective!

When we tell a story, we create an idea that will excite, a design that will inspire, a video that will engage, and now we deliver video that will literally ‘elevate’ your project, to a whole new level.

We’ve created the first of our all new Webisode’s featuring drone photography. James Spencer, ‘Jimmy’ highlights how elevated perspectives capture unique viewpoints from a first-person view that would normally be impossible to achieve.

Video & Production

We also have our own production facilities for video shooting and editing, design and course development.

Here at Autonomy, we create interactive video, animation and motion graphics, from passive to fully integrated simulations, gamification or augmented reality - content can be scenario based or real-life learning interactions, quizzes or knowledge checks. 

We also provide hosting and can aggregate all of your content in a platform or App to provide the best possible, future-proof business solution.

Knowledge Bank App

Our new Knowledge Bank App aggregates resources for you, creating an online library, a central branded hub.  You can add small, self-contained bite sized chunks of learning material, focussed on one or two tightly defined learning objectives, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

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Rich with knowledge, whether video, modules or PDF’s for users to dip in and out, share, tag, create notes and see recommendations and ratings – for trainers and users alike. Fundamentally supporting and underpinning the 70:20:10 framework, proving a transformable shift in learning from ‘course' to 'resource', supporting learners as consumers.

Clear insight provides user information to understand analytics; usage statics, incorporating hits, views, geographically variations to help prove return on investment – keep in line with your companies target growth and business objectives.